Survivors of the donner party essay

Descendants insisted there's no bad blood between the families anymore. Many books have been written, telling of the Donner Party.


Three Rivers Historical Society. Eddy who was five, and Margaret who was one year old. The Donner-Reed party had set out for California in in a journey that normally took four to six months.


Included in this group were Will Eddy, aged 28, of Belleville, Ill. On Aug 30 they began the trip across the Salt Desert according to Hastings, it should have only taken 2 days but it took five and was very difficult.

Will Eddy did not recover enough to go back to the main body until the middle of March, when the 3rd rescue party went in. After being in the snow so long, the people got desperate for something to eat and drew straws to see who would be used for food.

The rescuers even found animal meat hidden untouched in the corner, which they deemed still good enough to eat. Johnson continued that, based on the historical record, some members tried to eat "a decayed buffalo robe, but it was too tough and there was no nourishment in it.

You can find my address on the Contact Me page. Of the 90 original members of the Donner party, only 48 survived. As they are all equal in their mortality, they are equal in striving for an authentic existence and an honest description of what for them constitutes fulfillment.

Eddy left behind his rifle which had been broken, but carried some bullets and powder in the event a rifle could be borrowed. No one would take his children into a wagon, so he set out with five year old James on his back and his wife carried baby Margaret across the desert.

The descendant said the man did not speak for other Graves descendants. To date, this Nathan is unidentified. The terrible tragedy gave Donner Pass its name. The bear was estimated to weigh over pounds.

The two Donner families suffered greatly; all four of the parents perished. According to Stewart, William H. Eyewitness accounts from the other party members at the scene agree that John Snyder then began beating James Reed over the head with his ox whip.Jun 17,  · The story of the Donner Party is a HUMAN story of people who suffered greatly and tried mightily to survive.

A story of people for whom the American dream--heading west for a better life-. Rescuers and Others. When word got out of the Donner Party's plight, American settlers in Northern California rallied to save shouldered heavy packs and risked their lives trudging up into the Sierra, braving blizzards, hunger, exhaustion, and frostbite to bring the sufferers out of the mountains.

Essay on the donner party

It's one of the greatest tragedies of all time, yet few of us know the whole story. The story is of the misled, inexperienced Donner Party. It is the story of eighty-one emigrants who traveled in hopes of reaching the land of California. The story of the Donner Party, which looms so large in America’s folklore, is not only a metaphor for Manifest Destiny, but also a microcosm of the U.S.

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Start your papers; white paper 40 of the donner party survivor elitha donner party research grant, engineering, m. Donner Party Tragedy Essay Words | 3 Pages. Donner Party Tragedy On a journey to a better life in California, the infamous Donner party, met sorrow at every turn.

Survivors of the donner party essay
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