Technical communication dissertations

A Burkean analysis of mental illness rhetorics Koerber chairCarter, Still This dissertation analyzes public mental illness rhetorics and argues that a biomedical model of mental illness may not have the rhetorical power to fight stigma.

This research considers the sociocultural, material, and autobiographical factors that influence how low-income consumers use and understand nutrition information, particularly Technical communication dissertations nutrition labels. TBA Workshop attendance is mandatory pdf memo for your employer What does the degree emphasize?

CCCC Outstanding Dissertation Award in Technical Communication

This gap is increasingly important as the number of small businesses in the United States continues to rise. The influential interest-based model for conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation developed by FisherUryand Patton at the Harvard Negotiation Project and at the Program on Negotiation in the s appears to have some conceptual overlap with NVC, although neither model references the other.

To accurately represent the context of primary source objects, cultural memory institutions must create high-quality metadata that serves the widest and most accurate possible target audiences, while also ensuring the integrity of the inherent meaning of these digital objects.

Juncadella notes several shortcomings of her review. Finally, campus offers various fellowship competitions, and students are encouraged to apply for those opportunities.

In this respect, the answer is yes, you're getting most of a course knocked out in about 2 weeks. Writing research and theory has brought us to the current understanding that writing is a set of complex skills that is contextually situated and socially influenced, and yet most writing instruction focuses on general, basic skills.

As such, a mixed methods research approach is deployed through the theoretical lens of Actor-Network Theory in an attempt to ascertain, "What is preventing the widespread adoption of personal health records in the United States?

Because successful completion of this concentration involves such a deep and varied engagement with the nature of language in relatively formal settings, students pursuing careers in law and education also find this concentration useful.

Cultural memory institutions utilize digital preservation management systems and hosting technology that are intended to ensure long-term access to and file integrity of the digitized objects, which serve as avatars of the physical objects. The company's reputation for safety has led to the malleable safety initiative of Closer To Zero CTZwhich includes a multi-genre approach of re- training sessions, posters, corporate newsletters, a card game, and training videos.

Self-empathy involves compassionately connecting with what is going on inside us. This study explores the literacy practices of adults who are blind or low vision, with particular focus on how study participants use sound to read, write, and understand visual culture.

Exploratory studies on community building, participatory culture, and formations of self, gender, and identity, have further strengthened the argument of the powerful pedagogical possibilities of games and virtual worlds.

This letter must be signed and on company letterhead. Does the provider value the patient's input? My rhetorical analysis of the sample sets describes the benefits and disadvantages constructed by the document authors' use of embodied knowledge, scientific knowledge, or a combination of both.

TCR Dissertations

Overall, these data suggest a need for instructor's to compose course documents that are user-centered. Does the University provide student housing? The statistical consulting that I provide is very much a learning opportunity for the doctoral student.Welcome to the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences provides a dynamic and interactive learning environment to its students focusing in particular on preparing our graduates for an ever.

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Defined as “the creative use of language and design to accommodate people and technology, including writing, editing, graphics, and publications management,” technical and professional communication is a course of study that prepares students for a diverse array of rich and rewarding career opportunities.

Kennesaw State University [email protected] State University Dissertations, Theses and Capstone Projects Technical Writing for Software Documentation. Dutch research school for Information and Knowledge Systems. has the best Sample Economics Dissertations available on the Internet - Economics Dissertation Topics.

Technical communication dissertations
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